Islip PTA


This site was designed to be easily navigated by a group of people with varying computer skills. The school district was attempting to cut back on expenses and go paper free.

islip pta homepage

Backpack News
Each school was represented on this page. Any paperwork that needs to go home to parents were uploaded here for their viewing or downloading. This helped cut back costs for the school, as well as implementing a green initiative put forth by the Board of Education.

islip pta backpack news

Individual School Page
There were seven schools in the district and each had there own personalized page where they posted information about upcoming events, fundraisers, notices and approved pictures.

islip pta hs custom template page

Volunteer Form
The PTA continues to run thanks to the amazing participation that they get from the parent and teachers of the school district. Since there are so many committees and programs that need volunteers, this form was designed to gauge parent/teacher interest.

islip pta volunteer form


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